Shakespeare for Dummies

On the eve of the summer theater festival season we can anticipate a revival of Shakespeare productions motivated by a heartfelt commitment to make theatergoers understand that when the bard had his various characters commit regicide, it was Donald Trump he had in mind.
Stage directors will outdo themselves in bloody and bloodier choreography as Macbeth, Claudius, Caesar, and Richard III are hacked, slashed, and stabbed to death in ludicrously elongated orgies of violence with each tyrant portrayed as a blond-haired, red-cravated Trump. Dutifully and predictably, in an expression of mass virtue signaling, the audience will hoot, howl, laugh, and applaud. A ticket stub will be bandied as a membership card to the “resistance.”
Some truly inspired director is sure to portray Duncan as Trump, so that Macbeth can spend a full five minutes frenetically stabbing him in his sleep, which should provide ample time for the Trump hating zealots to achieve their

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