Shepard Smith tackles the Uranium One scandal – and makes a surprising conclusion

Fox News’ Shepard Smith tackled the Uranium One deal with Russia and the suspected scandal surrounding it, but drew a surprising conclusion.
Here’s the video of Shepard Smith taking on the Uranium One deal:
Fox’s Shep Smith takes apart the Uranium One conspiracy his Fox News colleagues have been relentlessly hyping
— Media Matters (@mmfa) November 14, 2017
Here’s what he said:
“So what are the facts? What is Uranium One? Uranium One is the name of a South Africa-based mining company,” Smith began.
“Back in 2007 it merged with Urasia energy based in Canada. And in 2010 the mining arm of the Russian nuclear agency Rosatom, bought controlling interest in the company. Among other places, that mining company had operations in Wyoming that amounted to what the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions or the NRC said was at the time was about 20% uranium production capacity in the U.S.,” he explained.
“Today the NRC

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