Shopping for a Retail Diamond in the Rough

The news surrounding the retail property sector has been nothing short of dismal.
The sector has been smothered in hopelessness for those who operate businesses at America’s shopping malls. The 800-pound gorilla is, which has led a transformational shift in retail buying to the internet that is inflicting a crushing blow to major brick and mortar retail chains… but not all of them.
Within the carnage of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, the local neighborhood and community shopping mall operators have experienced little, if any, fall off in foot traffic and purchasing of goods and services.
Let’s face it, everyone’s got to eat, get their hair cut, swing by the coffee shop, drop off the dry cleaning, get the kid some music or karate lessons, have a beer at the sports bar and go to stores that have an internet moat around their business models. Those retailers include Home Depot,

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