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Social Justice Warriors Are on a Quest to Ruin Movies, Black Panther Being the Latest Example

True to form, the social justice warrior crowd has to over-analyze every square inch of a movie for its faults. Not faults in plot, effects, or structure, mind you. They have to complain about the lack of representation of one group or another in a film.
The Black Panther movie is being touted as a great leap forward in movie history due to its focus on black characters, because clearly, a movie has never starred black characters before. Outlets like Salon attempted to paint Black Panther as the first superhero movie with a black lead, which lead to the site being hit with a deluge of corrections by people who actually pay attention to movies. Idiotic hot takes aside, many social justice and racial groups are touting the movie as one that takes a step in the right direction by making 90 percent of its cast black.
But they couldn’t stay happy long.

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