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Sports Betting Will Complete the Gambling Revolution

We think of revolutions as sudden, spectacular events, much like earthquakes or erupting volcanoes that transform the landscape overnight. But sometimes they occur so slowly and quietly that it’s possible to overlook how much change they bring about.
Over the past generation, the United States has undergone a gambling revolution. A pastime once seen as the sordid province of mobsters, grifters, and wastrels has become an all-American form of fun.
Last year, some 81 million people visited casinos—more than the number who attended Major League Baseball games. About half of American adults say they’ve bought lottery tickets in the past 12 months. Nearly 60 million people in the U.S. and Canada take part in fantasy sports leagues, which often involve money. Gambling is a diversion that effortlessly soars over categories of age, gender, income, race, and political party.
Religious objections are not necessarily dispositive. The joke in Utah is: “Catholics don’t recognize birth

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