Starbucks' Straw Ban Is A Slap In The Face Of The Disabled, And Will Do Nothing For The Environment

Corporate Correctness: Starbucks won raves from environmentalists for its ban on straws. But while a strawless Starbucks won’t do anything to help the environment, it will discriminate against the disabled. Virtue signaling can be a tricky business.
Under pressure from environmentalists, the coffee giant says that it will replace plastic straws with sippy-cup style lids at all of its stores by 2020. The company isn’t the first to do so, although it is the biggest. Hilton and Marriott hotels said they’re removing plastic straws at many of their hotels. American Airlines said it will get rid of plastic straws starting this November. Various cities have or plan to impose bans.
Why have straws become the bête noire of the green lobby and progressive CEOs? Because some straws end up in the ocean.
We’ll concede that polluting the oceans with plastic is bad. But environmentalists aggressively pushing this straw ban are using phony statistics

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