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State of Secrets: Do You Have a Need to Know?

Andrew McCabe has not been charged with any crime… so far. But he lives in a world where innocence is a relative thing and people who have government jobs, like the one from which McCabe was recently fired, routinely carry insurance to cover the legal costs of dealing with special prosecutors. McCabe may not have signed up for one of those policies since he created a legal defense fund and in a few days, raised over half a million dollars in contributions. Which ought to be enough, one thinks, to keep an innocent man out of jail.
But maybe not.
McCabe, a career FBI man who had made it to the number two position in the hierarchy, was fired by the Attorney General for leaking sensitive information to the press and then denying that he’d done it.
Which causes one to think, Come on. Really.
After all, this happened in Washington, where the keeping

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