Stephanopoulos Is Comey’s Homie

Why not ask Corey Lewandowski to interview Donald Trump?
There’s something terribly dishonest in James Comey packaging Democratic Party opposition research as an “intelligence dossier” when petitioning a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act judge to grant permission to spy on an advisor to the Trump presidential campaign. There’s something similarly rigged in the former FBI director selecting George Stephanopoulos, the communications director for the Clinton White House, to interview him about a Trump-bashing book. In both cases, Comey relied on a biased, interested party and acted as though that party represented objectivity.
Throughout Sunday night’s primetime interview, Stephanopoulos criticized Comey’s actions when they hurt Hillary Clinton. For instance, regarding Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation into Clinton days before the election, Stephanopoulos said, “Boy, you seemed to be alone” in that judgment. When Comey criticized the president, including on such mundane matters as the color of his skin, the length of his tie,

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