Stop Pharma From Hiding Behind Native Americans

America’s pharmaceutical industry has a problem, and that problem is the rule of law. One can draw no other conclusion, based on the industry’s recent actions. I refer specifically to the pharmaceutical company Allergan’s recent optically baffling attempt to outright circumvent U.S. patent law by selling their patents straight to… a Native American tribe.
Yes, it seems that Native Americans can’t catch a break when it comes to hosting disfavored or questionably legal industries in their backyard. To be fair, this is hardly the tribes’ choice: Their more lenient legal status is a magnet for America’s seediest actors, and the tribes’ large scale poverty makes it easy for those actors to dangle the prospect of financial survival over their hosts’ heads. Pharma has a lot of money, and thus, a lot of survival to offer.
It’s why they’re offering it that should concern us. As with so much else pharma does, that

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