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Student physically attacks teacher who took away cellphone. But wait for the ending.

A video featuring a Texas student’s assault on a teacher over a cellphone has gone viral — but it’s the ending that might be the most shocking aspect of the entire ordeal.
What’s in the video?
In the video, which Facebook user Chris Hunt shared on Tuesday, a student at a Cedar Hill, Texas, school can be seen approaching his teacher’s desk and angrily shoving the teacher’s papers off of the desk.
The student was reportedly angered because the teacher — physics teacher Bobby Soehnge — had taken the student’s phone away during class, when the phone was not supposed to be out.
The unnamed student then can be seen grabbing Soehnge’s face and neck and pushing him backward toward a whiteboard.
Soehnge can be seen calmly handing the phone over to the irate student, despite the student putting his hands on the teacher.
Hunt captioned the video, “Wow this happened at my daughters school today?? This

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