Subsidizing Nuclear Is No Strategy for Long-Term Success

With yet another nuclear power plant joining the ranks of those closing ahead of schedule, it’s clear that something is amiss in the nuclear power industry.
That “something” is the accumulation of federal policies that stifle innovation and efficiency in the industry and simultaneously subsidize it to keep it alive on life support.
Members of the House Ways and Means Committee reviewed a bill (H.R. 1551) that basically continues the status quo. That is not acceptable.
Despite the many energy and environmental benefits of nuclear power, the industry has fallen on tough times. Low natural gas prices have put pressure on the nuclear industry, though this has happened before.
Subsidies at the state and federal levels have prioritized renewable energy technology rather than qualities like reliability of electricity supply, where nuclear excels. Such subsidies have essentially created an artificial market for renewables and have distorted electricity markets.
Nuclear energy is also perhaps the most regulated

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