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On Earth 2, this morning’s Sunday shows are focused like laser beams on the prospects of a DACA bargain in Congress and the White House’s deliberations over whether to stick with the Iran nuclear deal. On the planet we actually live on, it’ll be wall-to-wall Sh*tholegate with a little l’affaire Stormy thrown in. The star guest: GOP Rep. Mia Love, a daughter of Haitian immigrants and one who blasted Trump on Thursday after his remarks about Haiti and other third-world countries leaked to the press. She’ll be on “State of the Union.” Meanwhile, the most outspoken anti-Trump Republican in Congress is booked to appear on “This Week.” That would be Jeff Flake, who helped put together the terrible immigration deal that Trump rejected during the “sh*thole” meeting at the White House. Flake will be asked about DACA and the way forward on a compromise, of course, but we all know

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