Sunday morning talking heads

Usually when the leaders of the House Republican and Democratic caucuses are booked on the Sunday shows, they’re the star guests. Not today. All eyes are on former DNC chief Donna Brazile, who’s set to discuss collusion between Team Hillary and the DNC during last year’s primary and the deepening rift between the progressive and neoliberal factions of the party. And where is Brazile scheduled to discuss this? Only on “This Week” — hosted by Clinton administration alumnus George Stephanopoulos. That smells of Brazile wanting to limit her exposure on this subject to an interviewer whom she believes will go easy on her. If Steph plays softball with her, he’ll never hear the end of it, and rightly so. First question, hopefully: Does she really expect people to believe she didn’t know about Hillary’s power play to take over the DNC all along?
Apart from Brazile’s appearance, this morning’s topics are

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