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Big Red Ted – Primary Superstar & Electoral Nightmare

Ted Cruz

As the #NeverTrump campaign to choose any Republican candidate not named Trump has gained momentum, has begun to demonstrate strength in the race.  After a strong weekend, he is currently in 2nd Place behind Donald Trump in the delegate count, and hopes to close that …

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Klown of the Week – South Miami City Council

Klown Town

The Kartel Klown represents the individual or organization that has taken action in the past week that allows them to stand out from the crowd as foolish at best.  The Kartel Klown is an achievement for the week, but a title for eternity… The Kartel …

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Fangate or Weird Dude with a Fan?

Christ - WP

Unless you have been in a bomb shelter waiting for Ebola to be contained, you have heard about the story dubbed “Fangate”.  The media went crazy with reports about the silly Republican that was so childish, he refused to debate the Democrat, who just wanted …

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The Blueprint for Future Statewide Elections: How a Failed Governor May Get Another Chance


The polls are rolling out by the day as the Mid-Term General Election is just over a month away.  Along with them are daily articles claiming a particular political race will decide control of the U.S. Senate thus determining if the sun will rise in …

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