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Big Red Ted – Primary Superstar & Electoral Nightmare

Ted Cruz

As the #NeverTrump campaign to choose any Republican candidate not named Trump has gained momentum, has begun to demonstrate strength in the race.  After a strong weekend, he is currently in 2nd Place behind Donald Trump in the delegate count, and hopes to close that …

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Gang of Eight Bashers Stand on Tiny Pedestal

Rubio, Trump & Cruz

Every GOP Debate and stump speech includes red meat statements that diminish the so called “Gang of Eight” and their efforts to pass immigration reform.  Obviously these statements are primarily made in an attempt to stain one member of that group, .  The crowd always …

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The Hypocrisy of Glenn Beck’s Desire to Eliminate the “Tea Party”

Glenn Beck

I found myself limited to rolling my eyes as Glenn Beck suddenly discovered a need to stop flying the Tea Party banner.  I do not disagree with the sentiment, or the reasons Beck claimed.  He pointed out the effective efforts of the left to tarnish …

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Someone Had to Say It: Rubio Displays Frustration with Paul’s Bloviating


 did not feel like wasting time with  statement of support for President Obama’s executive action reestablishing diplomatic relations with communist Cuba, and simply began his response, “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about”.  In a frustrated moment of honesty, Rubio made a bold statement that …

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