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Take Down the Gaza Criminals

Many fatalities among demonstrators on the Israel-Gaza border, horror, outrage. Two thousand or more wounded, with substandard, inadequate medical facilities to treat them, so many will die of infections or live with broken limbs, chronic illnesses, shock, trauma.
This is more than public opinion should tolerate. It behooves, especially in the free and democratic societies of the Western democracies, to deplore, denounce, condemn, these grotesque and unnecessary violations of human dignity and human rights and human decency, of civilized norms. With one voice, all: enough barbarism.
The criminal leaders of Hamas and other self-declared leaders of the Palestinian Arabs must be indicted, arrested, brought to justice.
The thing is this: among the Gazans, no one is going to criticize Hamas or urge his neighbors to refuse to demonstrate against the border with Israel — certainly not live to tell about it. The Palestinians are, altogether sincerely, in a condition that can only be

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