Talk About Low Energy!

(Steven Hayward) The U.S. Department of Education employs 4,400 people and has a current budget of $70 billion. How many children does the department actually educate? I am sure the round number approaches zero. I’ve had a few opportunities to ask liberal audiences aghast at Trump’s appointment of Betsy DeVos and alarmed at proposed budget cuts for the department to name one single thing a past secretary of education or the department has done that has had a meaningful effect on public education, and I can hear the crickets chirping while I await a response. I sometimes offer, “What about No Child Left Behind”? Most people on the left hate it (because it involved standards and testing), even though they can’t say very much about why (because it is an embarrassment to oppose standards and testing openly). Sometimes to twist the knife, I ask people to name three previous education

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