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Tea for the Tillerson

(Steven Hayward) Some thoughts on the Tillerson story today. I was enthusiastic about the Tillerson pick in the beginning precisely because he wasn’t a conventional pick, not someone from the usual party establishment, but with considerable global experience from running ExxonMobil. His status as a big league (or is it “bigly”?) executive would appeal to Trump, though perhaps Tillerson’s personal strength was part of the problem, since news stories say he and Trump didn’t get along from the beginning.
This reminds me of Reagan’s first secretary of state, Al Haig, who looked like a great pick for Reagan on paper. They had spent a very congenial afternoon together in 1979 as Reagan was looking ahead, immediately after which Reagan told his senior advisers he wanted Haig in his cabinet if he won the election. But they didn’t get along from the very start—literally they had their first sharp divergence on inauguration

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