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Team Mueller lawyer: “Viva le resistance”

(Paul Mirengoff) Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller found this gem in the Inspector General’s report released today. An FBI attorney who worked on Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation until February of this year sent a message to a colleague exclaiming, “Viva le [sic] Resistance.”
The lawyer wrote these words in response to another FBI attorney who asked him whether he was rethinking his commitment to the Trump administration (I take this to be an inquiry about whether he was thinking about leaving government now that Trump was in charge of it). The future Mueller attorney responded: “Hell no. Viva le resistance.”
The name of the Trump-resisting lawyer has not been revealed. However, Ross says he was the FBI’s “lead attorney on the investigation into Russian election interference” until being removed in February 2018 after his texts were made available to Mueller.
In another message, the attorney, who had worked on the

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