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Tell Me: Is This How Diversity Really Looks?

Last night, as I was browsing a movie streaming service, I came upon a particular collection of films with the following description:
“Our selection of critically acclaimed…titles celebrates diversity. Enjoy these very different stories.”
From that, what sorts of movies would you expect to find?
Within the collection, a further explanation of the roundup read thusly:
“Playful, poignant, political. This collection has it all. Our selection of critically acclaimed…stories, documentaries and feature films celebrates diversity.”
What does that suggest?
Here are a few partial summaries of the movies found within:
Marc and Fred go to war when they are refused a double bed at a Christian B&B. They win their court case and go back.
This documentary picks up the respective stories of Rene and Jamie, 13 years after their Gender Affirmation Surgeries.
A young piano prodigy returns to his family farm after a long stay in ex-gay conversion therapy.
Jenny has led an openly gay life with everyone except

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