That Awkward Moment When Hamas Admits the American Mainstream Media’s Anti-Israel Narrative Is a Lie

The American mainstream media is awash with anti-Israel sentiment. That much is obvious, and it’s never been more obvious than the past couple of days as it has brazenly attempted to paint the murderous Hamas terrorist group as the good guys as they attempt to break through Israel’s border in order to kill innocent Israelis.
The proof is in the pudding as everyone from the New York Times…

Your reminder that the @nytimes is a joke that will sympathize with terrorists before defending a democratic country that doesn’t throw acid at women for learning how to spell.
— Brandon Morse (@TheBrandonMorse) May 15, 2018
…to NBC News…

Quick, get me some more dead Jews so we can even this out! How insane.
Every nation on Earth exists to protect its citizens, not make sure a decent percentage of them get killed to accommodate moral relativists across the world. Strange how only Israel is subjected to

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