The #1 Bet of the World’s Leading Activist Investor

“Activist investing” has a mixed reputation on Wall Street.
On the one hand, activist investors prompt complacent Boards of Directors of otherwise sleepy companies to maximize their profits.
On the other hand, activists’ “slash and burn” tactics cost both lazy senior management and hard-working rank-and-file employees their jobs. Still, as an investor, it’s hard to argue with activist investors’ success.
Once activist investors take control of a target company, more often than not, the stock price heads north, reaping big profits for both activists and their fellow investors alike.
Third Point: A Premier Activist Investor
Dan Loeb, founder and CEO of hedge fund Third Point LLC, is one of the world’s best-known activist investors. And his biggest target is pharmaceutical equipment maker Baxter International Inc. (BAX).
Baxter was by far Third Point’s largest holding at the end of the March quarter and accounted for an eye-popping 23.28% of its portfolio. Third Point’s position in Baxter was

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