The Amazing Pedigree of Stanford College Republicans President Should Have Democrats Concerned

California’s Stanford University has been on the cutting edge of the Marxist indoctrination of America since the 1960s. The first “sit-ins” to oppose the war in Vietnam and doing your duty, I’m sorry, I mean opposing draft registration were held at Stanford. For fifty years, this elite university has churned out graduates who, if they follow what they are taught at Stanford, are hostile to the US Constitution and the idea of anything resembling a free market.
Needless to say, the Stanford College Republicans face hostility from the university administration day-in and day-out. This year they had to fight to get speakers on campus and contend with protests of those speakers. The high point came when the university disapproved of the logo for the group because it contained an American flag motif. That just about tells you all you need to know.
If you are a member of Stanford College Republicans, you

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