The Birth of Deadpool 2: A Marketing Mercenary

In speaking with friend @Darth_Mommie about the promotions for the comic book sequel “Deadpool 2” (which we are both anticipating) she expressed some concern. “Are they jumping the shark here? I mean, it lines up with DP as a character, but…” I can understand the feeling.
Frequently studios go overboard with the marketing of their blockbuster titles. The carpet-bombing commercials and promotions can become a drain, actually creating a negative effect. Yet, as the past few weeks have seen 21st Century Fox in fact making their anti-hero character ubiquitous, there is a difference. For a few reasons this is both different, and far more effective.
The whole arrival of this character to the screen is the work of many subversive efforts. While the genesis of this particular franchise was in 2000, its true lineage dates back to the 1980s. Some may be surprised to learn that in that era the comic book

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