“The fight has just begun”: Moore reportedly telling aides he intends to finish the race

Why wouldn’t he? He’s 70, he’s been trying for years to win political office, and he’ll never have a better chance than he does now notwithstanding the allegations against him. This is a guy who twice — twice — forced his political opponents to remove him from the bench for refusing to follow a higher court’s orders rather than resign or submit. If he quits under pressure, it’ll betray his populist image as a fighter willing to stand up to Washington even on, uh, credible allegations that he assaulted a teenaged girl. Worse, it’ll be treated by some as an admission that the allegations are true, which would destroy Moore’s claim to being a beacon of Christian rectitude.
What would be left of the man without that?
So yeah, he’s in it to win it.

NEW: Roy Moore has informed his campaign staff he intends to see his race through, despite mounting allegations

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