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The Fight Over Brett Kavanaugh Is a Preview of a Future In Which All Political Arguments Are Health Care Arguments

That Democrats would mount a ferocious opposition to Donald Trump’s nomination to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court was a foregone conclusion: Before the name was released, Democratic strategists publicly discussed the need to oppose the nominee regardless of who it was. After Trump announced that he had picked Brett Kavanaugh, one prominent liberal activist group accidentally sent out an email slamming Trump’s nomination of “XX.” The exact reasons why they would oppose any Trump nominee could come later.
Later is now, and Democrats appear to have settled on a tip for their spear: Although abortion and the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned will no doubt figure prominently in Democratic messaging, the party’s leadership is pushing health care as the primary reason to oppose Kavanaugh. In particular, the notion that he might prove decisive in a vote to overturn Obamacare’s preexisting conditions rules.
“We Democrats believe the number one

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