The Growing Popularity of Foot Shooting

These are strange times. One of the behaviors that makes things strange is the growing popularity of foot shooting. Foot shooting, of course, involves shooting yourself in the foot. It’s another way of describing self-destructive behavior. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the damage done is not confined to the shooter.
Foot shooting is quite popular among entertainers, especially actors and comedians. Drama is a deliberate creation of fantasy, of an imaginary world. In order to enjoy a movie or play it is necessary to “suspend disbelief.” For the moment you have to forget that what you’re watching isn’t real and that the actors are acting and “playing” a part. The actors aren’t who they’re pretending to be. Knowing too much about them makes it much harder to suspend disbelief.
Robert De Niro is a great actor who has played many great roles. His profane and overwrought public utterances over the past

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