The Institutions of Liberty & Liberal Democracy: What is Old Must Be New Again

Thank you Barbara. When you say such flattering things about me, the temptation is to say thank you and return to my seat. It was an introduction that my father would have been proud to hear and my mother would have believed.
The venue is spectacular. Thank you to our warm-hearted hosts.
The companionship is superb. And the proceedings during the meetings have been an intellectual feast.
Classical liberals of every stripe have gathered to share information, build human capital, and to learn how to create and maintain the institutions of liberty.
However, tonight I come with a warning. Political institutions are breaking down and some of our erstwhile allies are turning a blind eye to natural rights.
Let’s take those in turn.
Many of the most recognizable transnational institutions of the past 80 years are under tremendous stress. Brexit is reshaping the European Union. Cracks are emerging in the free trade consensus sustained by the

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