The Kim Destiny Pictures Video: Brilliant or Stupid?

(John Hinderaker) A long-time reader with whom we correspond frequently sent us a link to “President Trump’s Video Message To Kim Jong Un: ‘A New Peaceful World Can Begin Today,’” with the comment: “Have you guys seen this? Brilliant video.”
Scott was less than impressed, and wondered what is good about it. Steve suggested that the video’s “goofy style” may be based on a psychological profile of Kim Jong-Un, or maybe on North Korean propaganda films.
Another reader and frequent correspondent sent me the link and wrote, “Have you seen this? I think it’s spectacular…and it’s giving the usual suspects apoplexy.”
Rarely one for understatement, Scott Adams says the video “might be the best thing anybody ever did in a negotiation, period.”
So as you can see, there is a broad diversity of opinion. I take it that the video is intended to appeal to the better angels of Kim’s nature, the existence of

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