The Left’s Collusion with Harvey Weinstein

The fleshy, repellent, sinister look of Harvey Weinstein, akin to the brutal indifference on the face of an overfed badger before devouring his prey, is proof of the unity between body and soul. If beauty adorns virtue, ugliness adorns vice.
The horror stories about Weinstein continue to multiply and now include tales of criminal flashing and sexual assault. Out of the mushrooming scandal has come a blast of dirt, from which particles are settling on top officials in the Democratic Party, starting with the Clintons and the Obamas.
Pundit Frank Rich wonders why such “exemplary parents” as the Obamas would dispatch their daughter to intern with Harvey Weinstein. He calls this a “mystery,” given that many knew about Weinstein’s loutishness. But what exactly is the mystery? The Obamas had the coziest of relationships with corrupt Hollywood. Before they had their daughter intern with Weinstein, they thought it “cool” to send her off to

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