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The Left’s Unhinged Nazi Comparisons Drag the Discourse from the Gutter down into the Sewer

Dachau Concentration Camp
A while back I observed that one of the consequences of Adolf Hitler’s stain on history is that his reign of evil was so horrific and pervasive that he forever rendered it impossible to use any policy of Nazi Germany’s government as a cautionary example. You may invoke Nazi gun control policy when defending the right to bear arms. Doing so only leads to hysteria as people suddenly act as if you just equated gun control with genocide.
As with most political ground rules though, this only governs those on the right. While sensible and limited comparisons to less atrocious acts of the Hitler regime are off limits for conservatives, the left remains free to make the most unhinged and outlandish analogies between the current administration and Nazi Germany’s most evil deeds, with no fear of being called to account by the media who mostly share their unhinged and

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