The Little Builder of Brighton Beach

Excerpts from my new nonfiction book tentatively titled: “The Little Builder.” 
The plan started a little over forty years ago, in a room that only existed to those for whom it existed. It was called “operation little builder,” and the future of Mother Russia hinged on this plan succeeding. The leader of this operation was a high ranking KGB operative, code name, “the balding one.” The mission was complicated, yet simple. It would take patience and sperm, and an unwitting, yet very successful rube. They called him “the builder.”
The plan was to send as many doctors, engineers, and scientists to a place called Brighton Beach. There, these sleeper agents would all get jobs as car service drivers. All that was needed for the plan to succeed were Chevy Caprice classics that smelled like a mix of garlic and cigarettes, many tubes of “the balding” one’s sperm, and of course the call

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