The Moore miasma, cont’d

(Scott Johnson) You can say this in favor of Roy Moore: he’s not a good liar. But he is a liar. That’s the conclusion I drew from his interview this past Friday with Sean Hannity regarding the Washington Post story raising the first wave of allegations against him. RealClearPolitics has posted a transcript of the interview along with the audio (below).

Hannity all but begged Moore to deny that he dated girls 15 years his junior when he was a 30-something prosecutor occupying a position of trust and authority. Because he held such a position, he might have had the opportunity to take advantage of a girl like Leigh Corfman, the one lady in the Post article who alleged some sexual misconduct. Moore denies that he knew her. She has led a troubled life, but her encounter with Moore, if it occurred, may have had something to do with it. Did

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