The New York Times Corrects Fake News, Three Weeks Late

(John Hinderaker) I wrote here about an extraordinarily inept New York Times article that had already been corrected once. The author, Jennifer Steinhauer, didn’t understand the constitutional role of the Vice President in the Senate; that was the first correction.
I pointed out that the Times article contained a second error, equally egregious but so far unacknowledged:
The Times also grossly mischaracterizes the Congressional Review Act, the statute under which yesterday’s vote took place:
The measure fell under a somewhat obscure and, until recently, rarely used Congressional Review Act that allows a new Congress to undo actions of the old Congress during the first few months of the year.
Again, the Times’s ignorance is appalling. The Congressional Review Act has nothing to do with “undo[ing] actions of the old Congress.” (A current Congress can always undo the actions of any past Congress, if it has the votes and the president’s signature.) Rather, the

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