The Opioid Epidemic: Don't Blame the Doctors

The May 4, 2018 Issue of The New American Now AvailableFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
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The Opioid Epidemic: Don’t Blame the Doctors
The May 4, 2018 Issue of The New American Now Available
Appleton, Wis. – May 7, 2018 – Doctors are largely scapegoats of the opioid epidemic, explains Rebecca Terrell in the latest issue of The New American magazine. Doctors over-prescribing opioids is mostly a myth used to cover-up the two main problems: the failed “War on Drugs” and government intervention into healthcare.
Terrell believes this epidemic is not hopeless and suggests that the main solution include getting the federal government out of its unconstitutional involvement in healthcare.
Other articles in the issue are the following:

Victims of the Federal Leviathan by Joe Wolverton II, J.D.—a group is pushing President Trump to pardon and stop prosecution of innocent Americans
Don’t Abort Down’s Babies by Lisa Shaw—abortion activists are actively requesting eugenics be practiced

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