The “Peace Process” Ended Long Ago

(John Hinderaker) In the wake of President Trump’s common-sense decision to acknowledge the obvious fact that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital–and, by implication, that Israel is a normal country–there is much wailing over the fate of the “peace process.”
CNN: “For Palestinians, Trump’s Jerusalem move is the end of the peace process.”
Al Jazeera: “Israel-Palestine peace process rendered irrelevant.”
CBS News: “What does Trump’s Jerusalem move mean for the peace process?”
The Guardian: “Can the Middle East peace process survive Trump’s Jerusalem decision?”
BBC: “US recognition of Jerusalem ‘kiss of death’ for peace process.”
Time: “Palestinians Say Trump’s Jerusalem Move Ends US-Led Peace Process.”
Michael Ramirez’s response is, I think, definitive. Click to enlarge:
STEVE adds: The Israeli-Palestinian “peace process” has been a farce and the world’s biggest oxymoron for a long time, which is why I celebrate Trump’s move. The attitude of the Palestinians toward making a deal that respects Israel’s right to exist has always reminded me

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