The Regulatory Action Center Review – June 11, 2018

Video of the Week: In this video, the Institute for Justice outlines some of the challenges many Americans face when confronted with occupational licensing.

“Private Certification as an Alternative to Occupational Licensing”

One of the most effective ways to improve the economy is to decrease government oversight in the private sector. Mercatus utilizes research and analysis to argue for a private solution to occupational licensing.

“Does Regulation Breed Financial Illiteracy?”

Cato’s Diego Zuluaga contends regulation is a significant factor behind average citizens knowing very little about how to invest and manage their personal finances.

“Candy-Coated Cartel: Time to Kill the U.S. Sugar Program”

The US Sugar Program is an ongoing example of restrictive USDA and Department of Commerce policy, benefiting a small, but active, lobby while increasing the price of sugar in the US. The Cato Institute details the crony capitalism surrounding the Sugar Program, arguing for abolition of the anti-consumer, pro-lobbyist regulations.

“When did making

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