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The SEIU may have to refund a lot dues this year

This is Act Two of a 2014 Supreme Court case which ended at least one unconstitutional practice by the SEIU and other labor unions. In the landmark case of Harris v. Quinn, the court ruled that unions couldn’t force home caregivers who were not union members to have payments (which were essentially dues) subtracted from the Medicare reimbursement they received for providing in-home care to patients, many of whom were relatives. That was good news for the nursing aides, but it failed to address the issue what to do about all of the workers who had already been ripped off by the union, in some cases for many years.
Now the court is being asked to address the question of a class action suit brought on behalf of those home health workers. They want the SEIU to reimburse all the people across multiple states in that category for all the money

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