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The solution to school shootings

(Paul Mirengoff) Yesterday, Matthew Milby, a former student at Dixon High School in Illinois, entered the school and fired several shots near the gymnasium where students had assembled for graduation rehearsal. He was then confronted by Mark Dallas, who has been with the Dixon Police Department for more than a decade and has spent the past few years as school resource officer. (Dixon, by the way, is the boyhood home of Ronald Reagan).
Milby ran away, leaving the school. Dallas chased him. When Milby shot at Dallas, he returned the fire, striking the former student who was then taken into custody.
A few more cases like the one in Dixon should largely end the tragic fad of shooting up schools. The losers who do the shooting want to go succeed and, in some cases, to go out in a blaze of “glory.” They don’t want to chalk up yet another inglorious loss.

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