The Star-spangled Banner

When you hear the words “Star-Spangled Banner,” do you think of our national anthem – or the Stars and Stripes, our nation’s flag?
Most of us probably think of both, but the Star-Spangled Banner was actually a unique flag, designed for one specific purpose, and used for that purpose only. The enormous banner (measuring 30 feet high and 42 feet long and weighing about 200 pounds) never flew again.Why would anyone want such a gigantic flag? Such a big flag can be seen for miles, and that is precisely why the Star-Spangled Banner was so gigantic. Her designers wanted her to be seen from a great distance.
The flag was also unique in another way. The design of “Old Glory,” in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, had 15 stripes and stars.
Later, as more and more states were added, it became apparent that a new stripe could not be added for each

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