The Swamp Fox

Francis Marion was hollow-chested and slender with knobby knees and thin arms. He seemed, at first glance, to be too frail to last a day in the hot sun, yet he was as tough as a steel rod.Raised on a plantation near Charleston, South Carolina, Marion learned to outride, outshoot, and outlast his friends when they raced, played, and hunted together in the thick underbrush and mucky swamps of the Santee and Pee Dee Rivers. He seemed to have a special sense of direction when roaming the uncharted creeks that would wind through cypress and swamp oak. His ability to lead others to any destination of his choosing was remarkable. 
Eventually, he became so capable at managing the family property that he was placed in charge of a nearby plantation. Within four years, he earned enough money to buy 800 acres high on the bank of Santee River, where he settled

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