The trouble with compliance

(Scott Johnson) Secretary Tillerson’s tough talk on Iran prompts a look back to the time when the Obama administration entered into the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran. Under the JCPOA, Obama claimed to have “blocked” Iran’s paths to nuclear weapons. This was the “narrative” disseminated by Obama soulmate Ben Rhodes to the Democrats’ moronic media adjunct.
The JCPOA, it should be noted, is not a treaty. What is it? That’s a difficult question. To reverse the formula of the immortal J. Wellington Wimpy, we’ll gladly pay Iran today for the development of nuclear weapons next Tuesday. It’s that sort of a deal. This, you might say, is Wimpy according to Obama. It’s Obama’s world; we just have to live in it.
For those who may be confused or who may wish to sow confusion, here let me quote from the November 19, 2015 letter sent by Obama’s State

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