The U.S. is in a much better place after this North Korea summit, says … James Clapper

Man alive. Clapper must have really hated Obama’s policy towards North Korea to feel obliged to choke back a year’s worth of Russiagate attacks on Trump and pat him on the back for the Kim summit. This is a guy, remember, who just put out a book insisting that not only did Russia meddle in the campaign on Trump’s behalf but that, as far as he can surmise, it was actually the difference in the election. He’s as hardcore anti-Trump as it gets. Yet here he is, favorably comparing POTUS to his old boss. It’s only one issue, granted, but it’s *the* foreign-policy issue right now and for the foreseeable future — thanks to Obama’s unwillingness to try to resolve it himself.
And he’s right, by the way. He’s making the same point that I made myself the morning after the summit. Judged by the highly unrealistic standard of immediate denuclearization,

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