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It is sometimes said that President Trump’s irreverent attitude toward NATO has rendered Europeans a service by highlighting that the continent’s 70-year holiday from history, safely under the United States’ protective umbrella, is over. Yesterday’s set-up of the Permanent Structured Cooperation in the area of defense (PESCO) might be a case in point. 23 EU countries signed up for PESCO, an idea that had lain dormant since its outline in the Lisbon Treaty a decade ago. It is a voluntary, process-oriented framework that will commit European countries in a binding way to pool their defense capabilities, invest in shared military infrastructure, and make their own militaries available for joint operations.
Four Mirage 2000C and one Alpha jet flight over Paris, France, on their way to participate in the Bastille Day military parade, July 14 2016. REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer
Accompanied by the modestly-sized European Defense Fund launched earlier this year, PESCO is a step

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