The Way We Were

A ghastly, unbelievably unpleasant night last night. I was so tired after considering some issues about a tiny bit of property I own in West Hollywood that I just ate some left over Chinese food from Panda, then fell asleep in bed without taking my usual night time meds. I awakened at about 3 AM, determined to take my prescriptions. I watched one of the best movies ever made, From Out of the Past, with Robert Mitchum, my dream girl, Jane Greer (like me, a D.C. native), and Kirk Douglas. It’s a film noir super classic. Made in ’46, I believe. Get it from Amazon immediately. It’s basically an essay on women and it’s a work of genius.
By then it was 5 AM and I was starting to have super stomach pains. That went on until about 6 AM, when I finally fell asleep. You can imagine what I felt

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