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It has been over seven years since the American voter was introduced to the junior Senator from Illinois with ambitions for higher office.  At first glance, he seemed to check many boxes of an attractive vote collector.  An accomplished minority, especially an African-American would be well received by a country striving to reach a post racial era.  We were told of his accomplishments at America’s most elite educational institutions.  He was a Harvard educated community organizer turned lawmaker who moonlighted as a Constitutional Law Professor at a prestigious University.  There was no rich and powerful family mentioned, nor did he acquire one through marriage.  He was spoken for by some of America’s most trusted celebrities.  His family seemed to be designed for photographs at the White House; an intelligent and attractive wife with two daughters at that perfect age, old enough for presentation while not reaching the difficult teenage years.  A few clips displaying his teleprompter skills, and America felt like they had discovered a new leader for a new era.  If one was to design the perfect Wikipedia entry for a future political leader, his would be difficult to best.

The mainstream media signaled they were on board, and suddenly lost interest in investigative journalism.  The Democratic Party saw an exit ramp during the coronation of Hillary Clinton, and lunged at the opportunity.  The low information voter was left helpless, and on the march to pull the lever for this perfect candidate.  Sure, there would be some Caucasian voters that would vote against him because of his race, but there would be as many to vote for him due to a delusional belief the vote was needed to prove their lack of racism.  Questions did arise, but answers did not follow.  First came the review of his autobiography, which he felt compelled to write in his 20’s.  Holes began to appear when it was discovered individuals in the book were fictional creations of the writer.  It also was difficult to understand how an individual that claimed to spend most of his high school days skipping class, utilizing large amounts of narcotics and alcohol, landed on an Ivy League campus.  Subsequent to his days as an author, he seemed to latch on to radical individuals including alleged terrorists seeking political relevance.  Finally, firsthand accounts from Chicago described a lazy self-righteous individual masquerading as a political leader.  If true, it explained the politician with no legislative accomplishment, the community organizer without any specific organizing, and the college professor without any supportive students.  It was as if he had spent his life checking boxes, without any real accomplishment.  The mainstream media continued to present the Wikipedia entry, and refused to explore the substance of the smoke and mirror narrative.

On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, and the perfect Wikipedia candidate began a Wikipedia Presidency.  Since being elected, it has become clear that President Obama is consumed with legacy entries for a biography with little attention paid to the long term effects of his decisions.  He seems to disagree with the theory that presidential legacies are defined by historians in future generations, or maybe his vanity guides him to only be concerned about his Wikipedia page while he is here to view it. Credibility was provided to the man who wrote an autobiography before living when he received the Nobel Peace Prize before accomplishing any peace.  He began his leadership by forcing through horrific health care legislation designed for a Wikipedia page where it is billed as providing health care to the masses, but as it completes implementation will damage the economy, weaken the health care system, fail to decrease costs, fail to insure low income Americans, and enrich the Insurance industry.  President Obama refused to see the obvious shortcomings of the legislation because he was focused Wikipedia sub-headline “Obama Provides All Americans with Health Care”.

American voters quickly recognized Obamacare was not the health care law they were sold, and responded by sending a message to the President with a humiliating defeat of his party in the 2010 Midterm Election.  Some thought this message calmed the Presidents desire to work on his Wikipedia page as the remainder of his first term included less historical entries.  He chased his second term with claims that he had “decimated” global terrorism and saved the U.S. Auto Industry.  He pointed to the killing of Osama Bin Laden and the lights on at General Motors.  His claims were successful in winning a second term.  Looking back, his less radical methods were not in response to the 2010 Midterm Election results directly, but necessary to obtain the most important Wikipedia biographical element; the second term as President of the United States.  He realized American Presidents need two terms, or they will instantly be relegated to the bottom half of American Presidency’s.  Even during the period when his actions made it appear it was not all about him, it was all about him.

President Obama’s second term quickly found scandal.  The mainstream media even mildly participated, recognizing they no longer needed to protect him from inquiry.  Americans learned there were real problems with the administrations narrative about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.  The I.R.S. had to admit targeting conservative groups, effectively silencing their criticism during the reelection campaign.  The Justice Department got caught spying on critics in the press, and the U.S. Government got caught spying on all of us.  Reports illustrated deep corruption in his Department of Veterans resulting in American Veterans not receiving needed care, and even leading to the death of some veterans. We quickly realized that the General Motors bail out was a short-term payoff to organized labor, and his Wikipedia entry as the “President that ended wars” had caused middle east terrorism to explode resulting in thousands of innocent deaths that continues today.  His dishonesty and failed policies led to his party’s landslide defeat in the 2014 Midterm elections, but he was not concerned with the Democratic Party’s Wikipedia page as he ramped up the poor decisions to fill his own page.

The Obama Administrations EPA became more militant announcing severe regulations that will destroy jobs, hurt the economy, and have an immaterial effect of the global environment.  He pursued one-sided environmental agreements with nations that required significant sacrifice from Americans while asking little in return from other nations.  The deficit in the agreement terms was an accepted tradeoff for the Wikipedia recognition of “Planet Savior”.  He continued to burden future generations by piling up historical debt, more debt than all other Presidents combined.  He displayed disdain for the Constitution by attempting to legalize as many illegal immigrants as possible only months after he claimed he did not have the authority to take such action.  The President that closed “Gitmo” became a serious goal, and dangerous terrorists begin to be released.  The exercise gained widespread attention when he approved the release of five of the most dangerous terrorists for an American defector, but attempted to hide the “defector” aspect from the public.  After having difficulty with many of America’s closest allies including Israel, the United Kingdom, and even Canada; he continued attempts to befriend some of the world’s worst nations.  Similar to his mistaken support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, he became pen pals with the Supreme Leader of Iran, scolded Israel to provide cover for Hamas and the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades in Palestine, and befriended the Castro regime in Cuba by releasing Cuban terrorists in exchange for a Democratic political operative and an unnamed foreign spy.  He stood in front of America and boasted the significance of freeing the foreign spy as a signal to the world that we do not leave anyone behind; a statement difficult to swallow since his administration stood silent as a young American Marine was wrongly detained in Mexico for months, the Pakistani Doctor who assisted America in locating Bin Laden remains jailed, and his negotiations with Iran could not even include the release an American pastor detained by the Iranian government.  I guess they are simply not Wikipedia type material.

Beyond the radical left and party loyalists, many Americans are divided on the driver of such poor leadership from an American President.  Some claim his radial ideology views America as a “bad player” in history while others think the little old lady’s claims that a then candidate McCain quickly dismissed may have had merit.  The truth is very simple, consequences for the masses are an acceptable tradeoff for the Wikipedia Hall of Fame.  Similar to the parable of the young village boy who disavowed the importance of wisdom, and overheard village elders debating when they should seek higher land because of a failing upstream dam.  The boy went to the dam, and saw large “leaks” in the dam.  He climbed up the mountain of earth holding back the water and began to fill the holes with rock and mud.  He worked all day closing each hole, driven by the attention and accolades he would receive when he returned to the village.  He was sure he would quickly be looked at as a leader since he had proven himself to be smarter than the elders of the village.  As he returned and began to tell the people of his accomplishment, they looked horrified and began to run away.  He was sure they were just jealous of his brilliance and continued to tell his accomplishment seeking praise.  Finally, after telling a village leader how he fixed the problem, the elder responded by informing the boy the holes were created by village members to relieve pressure on the dam.  Before the boy could respond, the earth began to shake as a deep roar became louder.  The village would no longer need to debate if when they should seek higher ground.  Our roar may be when Iranian “nukes” fall on Israel, the U.S. Treasury loses global credibility, or an ISIS type group claims a U.S. state or territory.  The Wikipedia President will simply point out that it took place after his time in office, and provide a link to his Wikipedia page as proof.

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