The wrong sort of march to save a confederate statue

Like so many stories these days, I first saw a video pop up on Twitter last night from someone claiming that there was a massive KKK march going on near Charlottesville, Virginia. And when you look at the wide shot and the string of torches you might be tempted to think the same thing at first.

Happening now near UVA
— Tim Dodson (@Tim_Dodson) August 12, 2017
The depressing sight unfolding here was a march taking place in Virginia which was a prelude to a planned rally today, ostensibly aiming to block the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Any of you who are long time readers of this site likely know that I’ve been a staunch opponent of the attempted erasure of our nation’s history by liberal activists (even the uglier bits of our history) and a supporter of those who are rightly proud of their southern

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