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‘They said I was a tumor’: Tim Tebow opens up about how his mother rejected abortion

Former NFL player Tim Tebow opened up at the Passion 2018 conference in Atlanta earlier this month about his mother’s decision to reject abortion while she was pregnant with him.
Tebow’s mother, Pam Tebow, is scheduled to address the 45th annual March for Life next week in Washington, D.C.
What did Tebow say?
Tebow, now a minor league baseball player, told attendees at the conference that he was born in the Philippines to missionary parents.
“I have a special birth story,” Tebow said. “The doctors said that I wasn’t even a baby; they said I was a tumor.”
“Then when I actually was born my four older siblings nicknamed me ‘Timmy the Tumor,’” he said.
Although there was a lot of “craziness,” with his mother’s pregnancy, she chose life for him, he said.
“She decided to trust God and not what the doctors were saying,” Tebow said. “And then I was born and it was a miracle

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