They’ll always have Paris

(Paul Mirengoff) What should we make of last week’s love fest in Paris between President Trump and French President Macron? On the surface, it was improbable. In the French election just a few months ago, Trump seemed more favorably disposed towards Marine Le Len than towards Macron. And Trump did the unthinkable, from the French perspective, when he withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement.
Macron responded by attempting to ridicule Trump with the slogan “Make our planet great again.” He also tried to strong-arm Trump with a six-second hand squeeze when the two men met for the first time.
Yet there they were last week in Paris acting like good friends. What happened?
The answer, I think, is that both leaders saw an opportunity. Macron, like nearly every French president, wants to be viewed as upholding the glory of France. He wants to be consequential. He wants to be the

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