This federal judge nominee who has never tried a case was also a paranormal researcher

The peculiar headlines are starting to add up for Brett Talley, who President Donald Trump nominated to be a federal district judge in Alabama.
The latest piece of information about Talley? He was a member of a paranormal research group.
What does that mean?
Talley was a member of the Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group in 2009 and 2010.
The group’s mission, according to the website, is “searching for the truth of the paranormal existence” and to “help those who may be living with paranormal activity that can be disruptive or traumatic.”
To translate, they go to houses or buildings, stay up all night, and see if they can find or debunk the presence of ghosts.
Anything else?
Talley isn’t some amateur in the field of paranormal activity. He has authored books on the subject, including a book called “Haunted Tuscaloosa.”
What are his judicial credentials?
He has only practiced law for three years, and he has never tried a case.

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